J Crohns Colitis. 2019 Dec 26. [Epub ahead of print]

Belgian IBD Research Group [BIRD] Position Statement 2019 on the Use of Adalimumab Biosimilars in Infammatory Bowel Diseases

Michaël Somers, Peter Bossuyt, Marc Ferrante, Harald Peeters, Filip Baert ; for BIRD [Belgian IBD Research and Development]


The emergence of biosimilars is generally considered as an opportunity to guarantee accessibility to affordable treatments and to enhance financial sustainability of national health systems. Since 2017 five biosimilars of adalimumab were approved by EMA for use in inflammatory bowel disease: ABP 510, SB5, GP2017, FKB327 and MSB11022. In this position statement, the available efficacy and safety data of the different adalimumab biosimilars in immune mediated inflammatory diseases are summarized. Furthermore, the Belgian IBD research group (BIRD) formulates statements concerning the use of adalimumab biosimilars in inflammatory bowel disease.